See how much being a mom really costs with the Lady Dollars Chrome Extension

Mothers are typically paid 29% less than fathers. Use the Lady Dollars Chrome Extension on Amazon and Walmart to see the exchange rate for being a mom.


Help make Lady Dollars worth more, not less

Think we were done when we celebrated Equal Pay Day back in April? We wish! Mothers are typically paid only 71 cents for every dollar fathers are paid. That means it takes until May 23, 2017, for the median pay of mothers who work full time, year-round, to catch up to the pay that working fathers received the previous year. That’s almost five months of extra work! It’s called the “motherhood penalty,” and it’s a persistent problem for all women — not just mothers — working in the United States.

Join us in accelerating that change by sharing Lady Dollars so everyone can experience how much being a woman actually costs.


What does pay inequality really cost?

Lady Dollars launched on Equal Pay Day 2017 to represent the pay inequality that women face. After doing the math, the inequality is clear.


Equal Pay Day is more than just one day

Lady Dollars is updated on every Equal Pay Day throughout the year so that you can stay connected and informed. We Support Asian American Women's EPD (March 7), All Women's EPD (April 4), Mothers' EPD (May 23), Black Women's EPD (July 31), Native American Women's EPD (Sept. 25), and Latina Women's EPD (Nov, 2). We will create new content for each Equal Pay Day to keep the conversation going.